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Geek Side: Family for HP fandom

I’m writing this in case someone is interested in creating a family member for my roleplay character, Merrick Lombard. I have a few plots for each of the family members, so if you are interested in making one hit to this site and register your character. I am only looking for serious takers. A little […]

Review: Peripera Ink Velvet AD

So it’s date night. What do you hope will last until the very end of the night?   For me, it’s my lipstick. I’m very conscious whether it still on my lips. I don’t know if you have a habit to Go to the restroom and pretend that you take a leak but actually you want to […]

COPPA, Vlog Life & Kinemaster

I missed making videos about my daily life. I had tons of unedited videos in my handphone taken before and after I went back to my home country, Brunei. Ever since the FTC has this COPPA policy over Youtube last October it discouraged me to upload videos; too anxious about my previous content and what […]

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