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Throwback London Trip

Just wanted to post this to share with you guys my backdated vacation in 2018 to London (part 1.) If you enjoy watching the video please consider subscribing to the channel and giving a thumbs up😊 What House do you belong to?

Extended Holiday

Now we don’t encourage parents to do this, but since Mr. Hubby only had his off day after the Easter school holiday and the Muslim month of celebration, Eid’Ul Fitri three days happened right after the holiday, we informed the school that my daughter wouldn’t go to school for that three days. I don’t know…

Productive Ramadhan

As a matter of fact, that happened long before Ramadhan this year. I felt so motivated to try new recipes of Brunei traditional cakes (kuih) because my main goal is if I succeed in baking them perfectly Id open a food business when I return to Brunei for good in the future. I was completely…

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