Spring, Ramadhan and updates

Hello, lovelies!

I apologize for not giving you any updates about life, uh, not that anyone would even care, but I guess seeing this site still exists and the plan still running I feel obliged to write something.

Chirp! Chirp!

Spring’s here. Yet I’m not ready yet to let go of my sweater (or my winter jacket). The crispness of the cold air still embraced me and the warmth of the sun crept only for a few days last week. So sometimes I get confused:D Do you feel the same as I do?

Ramadhan Mubarak

Image to show I baked something for my blog mizarwen.com

Despite the strange weather transition, my family and I are fortunate that we do not have to fast Ramadhan in the summer as in previous years. At least we didn’t feel that thirsty and agitated since the weather is still cold. The sungkai (as Bruneians said when they break the fast) time is not as long as during the summertime when we have to wait until 10+pm to break the fast. 8+pm is nonetheless doable.

I have so many plans for food that I want to cook for Sungkai. It’s the only time when I feel the motivation to cook and try new recipes is at its highest. I didn’t even feel embarrassed if the attempt failed in front of my mother-in-law. Lol.

The Lost

Sad it ever happened. This is the answer to my hiatus that happened last August. I couldn’t constantly produce many stickers every month since then because my father passed away and we had to go back to Brunei the next day after we heard the news. My brain could not function properly at that time and I felt so unproductive. The loss was so sudden as to truly open our eyes. And since my mother-in-law only had him in her life and now he’s gone, we are the one who needs to take care of her. We brought her to live with us in Geneva. Hence, why I mentioned her earlier.

The Online Shop

I don’t want to give up yet selling my stickers on Etsy. I said six months, that’s the only time I put this up for trial. If there aren’t any sales, I’ll close the shop. Then six months went by, and STILL no sales. I have no idea what I did wrong. Is it because my stickers are not cute enough? Are they expensive? Or I didn’t do a lot of promotion?

Those of you who have the answer, please give me some advice and I allow you to criticize my shop so I can make a few improvements. Check my Etsy here and please leave a few reviews here. That makes me happy.


I have talked about it many times and I have postponed the release many times. Those who have been waiting for so long that I publish my webcomic on Webtoon, I truly apologized. The process took longer than I thought and only in the first month of this year I was back on the job. I now safely say that it is left for the proofreader aka my husband to check the comic before I posted it on Webtoon. So stay tuned guys for the update😉

Happy Spring and Ramadhan Mubarak to all, wish you all a happy, safe, and blessed Ramadhan❤️

Holiday Shop Update

A small update on my Etsy shop before the holiday comes. I have sticker pack for BTS Army out there, two sticker flakes the Hangry Bitch and the Kawaii Squash Cat Sandwich, printable calendar 2023 and two sticker sheets for Thanksgiving and Christmas. You can check all of these items here.

It’s been a relief to be able to get the items out before the important celebration of the year. So next, I’ll be busy with my webtoon work 🙂

Etsy November Sale

I will run one week sale on my Etsy shop during this period of time (7 – 13th NOV 2022). It will be 10% OFF for a total order of CHF15 or above.

You’ve been eyeing specific items for so long so this is the best time to make the purchase…when it’s CHEAPER than before. What are you waiting for? Visit my shop here. Please use the promo code NOVSALENOV22 upon your checkout.

Bookmark & Other Freebies

Freebies!!! Freebies!!!

For every purchase of the items in my Etsy shop, you’ll be getting freebies.

Dorrie J. Studio

Yes, you heard me right. That didn’t come up at random. I had to brainstorm for this to make it happen. Not just for the free stickers you’ll be getting, but I’m talking about the free bookmark. I gave one out so now 99 is still available and i’ll be giving this as well as a freebie for the new buyers. Would you like to know why? Coz this bookmark I designed it with my business contact information included in it. Book lovers (hey, maybe you as well) will love and enjoy this free gift. It’s a good idea so that you won’t throw it away just like many business cards you received. This is just my effort to make a sale and show my appreciation for your interest in purchasing my art products 🙂

Stay tuned for the upcoming post. I’m sure you’ll like it! 😉 Visit my Etsy shop here.

Note: Repeated buyers will get a new freebie 😉

Catching Up

The Lost

There are a lot of things I need to catch up on especially releasing seasonal Etsy products that I made in advance since July. I just realized I couldn’t do all of them at once.

First, in August my father-in-law passed away unexpectedly. My family had to leave Geneva to return to Brunei the next day. It was as if it was a dream. Although I did not get to know my father-in-law as much, but he is a great ‘father’ who taught me many things that my own father couldn’t. He will certainly be missed.

The Change

Because of the sudden things that happen in our lives, there are very few changes that have to be made prior to our return to Geneva. First, after a discussion and a suggestion I have made, my mother-in-law remains with us. I suppose this is understandable because my husband is the only child and we could not let her live alone in Brunei, although she has many siblings. They have their own lives, their families, their commitment, and so on, so bring her here, it’s a great idea, and maybe it might help alleviate the grievance. I just hope I could adapt to the changes since I used to be alone doing things around the house like a housewife normally do and taking care of my autistic child’s needs. It’s still early to tell, but I’m just looking forward to a peaceful day.

Reopening My Etsy

Ever since we were in Brunei, I’ve been putting my Etsy on vacation. But we are back in Geneva now, so just a few days ago, I reopened the shop because I have to do the updates which were supposed to be released during the summer. I still don’t know what are you guys thinking about late-seasonal stickers though, but I think a journaler or a planner who documents their memories pretty late (I know I used to do that) would maybe appreciate them. If you guys are interested in having a Cottagecore sticker sheet, cute sticker flakes and art prints, you can browse them here in my Etsy shop. I updated the shop with 17 more items. Hopefully, this time they find home to yours.

This time, there are more art prints that have been produced. Some are old illustrations that I drew digitally and it was the first time, I’m selling sticker pack. Next update I’m going to do more.

Any suggestion on what should I draw next?

No A Baby Anymore

Last Saturday was my daughter’s 7-year birthday. I see how she grows up and quite a few times I felt it seemed like yesterday her height was below my waist and now I could embrace you without getting down to my knee. And you already know how to pout? I know it’s good for her to be more expressive now, but I’m still not used to it. Oh, the good news happened on 22nd October she blew out her birthday candles for the first time. Sigh. I don’t want time to go by so quickly. I realized how valuable every moment is.

Celebrated with the broken red velvet cake I made one day before her birthday. Thank God I can cover it up with the cheese frosting. Lol.

Happy birthday my sweet Omeng. I can’t believe you’re 7 years old already! You’re growing up so quickly and becoming such a big girl *sobs* I hope you know just how proud everyone is of you! May Allah showers you with so many blessings and help you to spend the future with lots of happiness and joy. I love you so much.

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Shop Update

Hi, lovelies! How have you guys been doing? Aside from having a little anxiety about certain things recently I’m doing good (so far).

I guess that’s a normal problem for parents when their child started to refuse to eat their meals. However, as we had a cold in the last couple of weeks, my daughter (who is autistic) had refused to drink her drinks. Since Autism kid is known to be picky eaters, having her to sit down and eating like normal kids do: vegetables or fruits and meat, that kind of method is already gone since she was 4 years old. It is bad enough that we are struggling to feed her, to make her weight don’t go lower than the average weight, right after she recovered from the flu she refused to drink her drinks. I suppose she gets scared drinking water or juice drinks could hurt her throat. I want her to stay dehydrated every day. She manage to drink less than 300 ml a day. That’s barely enough. I know if it’s less than that it will lead to another health problem which my and husband doesn’t want to happen.

Luckily the school has given us a list of speech therapists available for us (before there isn’t any). Speech therapy? But isn’t that only for kids having a speech problem only? We also thought that too. But this had been recommended by my daughter’s school teachers, and we just follow. They said that even though the therapy helps to improve her speech, the therapy also could help her how to handle difficulties in feeding a child. Hearing this I feel defeated. They advised us to find parents who have the same problems so that we could share and perhaps could learn a few tips for raising an Autism child. Yet it isn’t easy to find one though. So that’s one of the main causes of my anxiety that you guys now know.

DorrieJStudio Etsy shop update; there’s stickers, memo pads, print and printable item

Actually, there’s more, but I don’t want to stress my reader out so I’m sharing you my good news. I have over 10+ new products I updated on my Etsy shop. Yippee! They were hand drawn and handmade by me. There’s individual vinyl stickers, matte sticker sheets, 30 pcs tear-away memo pads & note pad, functional digital stickers for planner who likes to use them on their GoodNotes, and a print and a printable weekly planner.

And what’s more? I’m giving freebie(s) to every customer who purchases physical items from the shop. Your support of my small business is greatly appreciated. Visit my Etsy shop here.

Oh, in case I forgot to tell you. I joined TikTok! Woot, woot!


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