COPPA, Vlog Life & Kinemaster

I missed making videos about my daily life. I had tons of unedited videos in my handphone taken before and after I went back to my home country, Brunei. Ever since the FTC has this COPPA policy over Youtube last October it discouraged me to upload videos; too anxious about my previous content and what I am about to share to the world. The penalty is USD42K+. I hardly earning anything from my video nor having that amount of money. Hence, I took a break and make my mind focus more on other priorities.

After I fully understood the policy, I garnered some courage and continue to edit it. It took me only two days. I felt so much relief that I managed to get one video done last night.

I’m used to edit video with iMovie. But now, I think I fall in love with Kinemaster. It is more practical and I can save a lot of time with this app. I’m using the Pro plan so if you lovelies out there want to remove that annoying watermark completely when you export your videos, I highly recommend you to purchase that plan. It’s USD$39.90 annually. Believe me, it’s really worth it.

Building pic captured from Dorothy. daily vlog Youtube channel
A pic captured with just Kinemaster tool.
Wordings edit with Kinemaster pro app
We can use our installed fonts for the wordings. Awesome!

This is my vlog channel. Please do subscribe, like, comment and share it. I really appreciate your support💜 Hope you enjoy watching it.

Where Does This Goes?

Soon I’ll be putting my online comic strip All The Small Thing in hiatus.

Mahiko maru All The Small Things Webtoon comic strip childhood episode 7

It is only until July 13th. 3 weeks on a break. It is not because I lack the passion to draw this comic, it’s upon my realization that there are not so many readers really wants to have a look into it. Thus, I shall put it on hold until I can come up with a new type of genre that everyone loves – romance.

The truth is, I have a mixed feeling to do this. I know it’s a tad bit late for me to turn back time but I know this is for the best. I have to do it one at a time and think this over many times because taking it all in because it is not good for my mental health.

It gives me so much of anxiety and no, I refuse to give it all in when I know there’s a better way to do this. I should’ve done the research about the popular genre on Webtoon that people would like to read. I didn’t know it is romance. Therefore I focus more on finishing the main comic I abandoned many years before. I missed illustrating my old blog with funny strips perhaps that was the biggest reason I did All The Small Thing comic on the first place. Sigh.

Fret not, my faithful ATST subscribers, I’ll update you guys whenever I feel ready to draw the strip again. So enjoy this last but not least my #7 All The Small Things comic – Childhood. Read here.

If you don’t see my drawing there maybe just maybe you see them here 😉 Until next time. Stay safe lovelies!


One word is already enough to create the buzz amongst Bruneian. Yes, the other district in Brunei Darussalam that famous for its beautiful reserved tropical rainforest and its popular Malay local foods: Wajid Jawa, Cendol Temburong and last but not least, their local giant freshwater prawn or what we called it Udang Galah.

Wajid Jawa (source: here)
Udang Galah (source: here)
Cendol Temburong (Source: the Bruneian)

Since the Temburong bridge is open until 10 pm it is accessible for the people to be able to go there and I feel so grateful I could experience passing the 22km long bridge which takes about 20 minutes to go to the other side when my family kind of ‘stranded’ in our own country in the midst of this pandemic.

Temburong bridge
On the way to Temburong.

I almost forgot the new craze menu the Temburong people manage to create from Udang Galah–it’s the Burger Udang Galah. If you don’t mind waiting in queue for hours just to get this burger, for BND3 it is worth to try once in your life.

Burger Temburong Burger Udang Galah
Burger Udang Galah

I also have the chance to see some improvement done by the government for the place especially at the public areas like this one image below.

Temburong beautiful pillars
Unique designed light pillars that awed me.

It isn’t officially opened to the public yet. However, I am excited about what else they want to do with this place in the coming few weeks. What I know at the moment phase 2 is under construction. Phase 2 is building a waterfront. I can’t wait to see it. Although we can’t go to Miri or Limbang– two of Malaysia’s small towns that close to Brunei’s border due to the Covid-19 restrictions, at least we get to see a new place inside our country that worth for a visit.

First impression: Wanna Some Candy Lip Tint Balm MISSHA

I’m a woman that loves to wear light makeup. My recently go-to makeup is just my Maybelline Superstay Lip Matte, primer and compact powder from the same brand. That’s it. These are the things I applied to cover my flaws and to make myself a little decent whenever I go out. Simple? You can say that. I don’t like wearing heavy makeup. The only time that I have to wear the heaviest is when there’s a wedding function to attend or during Eid festive.

However, I just don’t stick to one product. Unless they make me look super cute XD Especially, the lip wear; I like to try new things. If I see the color suits me, I won’t think twice to buy it. I’d give a bonus point if the colour stays longer and won’t dry out my lips. Hence, I bought some product to try. See my previous purchased here.

So on today’s post I’d like to review my first impression on Wanna Some Candy Lip Tint Balm #Guava from MISSHA. They have 5 colors to choose from:

01 Good morning apple – vivid red color + sweet apple scent 
02 Berry awesome – MLBB rose color + sweet strawberry scent 
03 How guava – trendy pink color + energetic guava scent 
04 Orange – hot orange color + sweet citrus scent 
05 Don’t peach me – romantic coral color + sweet peach scent

Product description:

  • Fruit tint balm sweet like a candy with soft melting 
  • Glass shine reflecting on mirror for glossy lips look.
  • One touch gives full color evenly on the lips
  • Cupuasu seed butter, mango seed butter, hyaluronic acid gives dry lips moisture like a lip balm. 
  • Fruity scent fruit tint balm

For the colour, I chose Guava, just because it looks natural to me; not too vibrant, not too nude. So from the first impression when I opened the plastic package, I realize the name doesn’t matches with the one from the advert. Instead of How Guava, the cap says Guava. For a minute, I was confused with what I see. I mean, it could’ve been could be from a different collection or the seller gave me the wrong order. But I went with my good intuition that maybe Guava is also called How Guava.

Then when opened the lip balm’s cap, I’m surprised to see lip balm’s hexagonal tip. I don’t remember if I possessed any lip wear that has a tip like this let alone from basic wear like a lip balm. I feel so fancy 🙂

The look outside and inside.

However, that’s early for me to judge. I still need to try it on my lips. The advert says that I could try the gradiation technique. Since I look ugly (look like a fat zombie if I try that technique) I skipped it and fully applied it on my lips. It glides nicely and evenly. The color as you can see here are so pretty and vivid. I look lively and fresh. I noticed it creates a glassy look on my lips which the look is still new to me and I could whiff a little hint of guava scent when I wore it.

Dang~that lips XD

Also, the nice thing about this lip balm, I guess because it’s a balm (duh), my lips still feel moist even after I wiped it off. I always hate the feeling of chappy dry lips after wiping off any lipstick but with this one I didn’t experience it once.

Any cons? It’s not long-lasting. It tinted your lips but it won’t stain your lips after a few hours, not even an hour. It is also transferable and for the price, BND15 is a little pricy. I just like the colour!

I only recommend this lip balm if you only looking for a quick on-the-go wearing. It fits for everyday use. And I will choose this over any lip balm, still. Hehe.

So guys, what’s your everyday lip balm?

Tips on how to reduce the appearance of Rosacea

Almost a month waiting for my order coming finally it had arrived and ping the IG store messaged me personally to get it from her. I always trusted her when it comes to ordering Korean beauty products. She always informs me of the product in stock or not and there’s any problem with the shipping. This time it delayed a little longer because of COVID-19. As a customer, I have to be understood with the current world situation. Hence, I waited and glad they are in my hand.

I never spend more than BND50 on beauty products. Almost BND100 is considered a big purchase for me and I guess I’m too desperate to buy these because back in Geneva I don’t know where I can buy Korean brand product that comes faster from an online order. I thought if I’m in Brunei (closer to Korea) the things will be here sooner than when I’m in Geneva.

Of course, there’s a Yesstyle site that sells a lot of Asian products: clothing, beauty, homeware, etc but the shipping is really expensive. Unemployed and depended on nafkah sometimes you need to think hundred of times whether you really need that thing or not; need and want are two different meaning. So I determined to wait till I get back in Brunei. FYI, Brunei only has Etude House, Faceshop, Holika Holika, Laniege and Skinfood (comment if I’ve missed something). Brand Korean beauty shop that long exists before I went to follow my husband working in Switzerland. And when I get back here after 3 years not knowing what’s new I expected more and more shops open. Unfortunately to my dismayed, it wasn’t I expected. My skin becomes so red due to the dry weather in Switzerland and for the first time, I have rosacea and I hate it. The European product is too harsh for my skin. Hopefully, with these products, it helps to reduce the flare.

Talking about the skin condition, I learned about the benefit of rose hips oil and niacinamide through Beauty Within Youtube channel. These two ladies give me knowledge about the condition and how to treat them. I highly recommend this channel to you.

Here are a few tips to minimise the appearance of rosacea that I learned and experiment myself after researching and listening to the problem. Disclaimer: It’s still not healing but at least it does look like it reduce a little. Also, I am not a dermatologist so please seek for further advice from them.

  • No coffee or alcohol.
  • No harsh facial product that contains alcohol. Gentle wash is advisable.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Moisturize cream is must use every day and night. I put a big blop on my face, I kid you not. Make sure you don’t have a plan to go out during that day. Otherwise…
  • Eat healthily with vegetables (leafy veggies) and fruit and no junk food and spicy food.
  • Don’t exfoliate/scrub every day. Do it once a week.
  • Bath or shower cold water. Not warm water.
  • Don’t stress. It’s hard to not to, I know. But try to escape from it and discover the tranquillity within you by visiting somewhere quiet. I prefer going to the park, read a book, watch comedy tv shows, meditating and like me, sleep XD

It’s still not healing but at least it does look like it reduces. So my next experiment will be these product above. So in the next blog, I’ll be reviewing the first product I purchased. Stay tuned and stay safe lovelies!