Just Us

The Ladies

I am back in Brunei because my father-in-law passed away last month. Since last month till now I haven’t spend quality time with my own family members and the time that we have here is so limited. I feel like I couldn’t visit them so freely this time. A few visits won’t feel enough. Thanks to my husband the permission was granted that I could meet my sisters and my mother, just us, the ladies (My father and brother had other plan of their own).

Sham’s BBQ Grill

We chose to eat at Sham’s BBQ Grill, Kiarong. There are some good reviews from people who already have gone here. So I ought to try their food grills. It is easy to locate the place. It is just next to Kiarong Primary School you can see the row of buildings before the school. They have few branches, though. Since we were close to another next destination I think it is better to just dine in here.

(6/9/22) I just couldn’t understand taking picture with face mask on… I just followed XD
Inside the restaurant
One section of menus that they have (source: Sham’s BBQ Grill’s IG)
Photo taking again? Layan….
The spreads

Review: The BBQ sauce that they used and the juiciness of the chicken wings are superb, super, super delicious! The waitress is super friendly and welcoming. The place is worth photo taking. 9.5/10!

If they add up Tongkeng(chicken butt) in the menu I would rate it 10/10 🙂

I can say after I had Majestic Wings in Jerudong Food Court this place is way better than them.

Street Food

After our dinner, we went to see Street Food at Digital World’s parking lot. The COVID case wasn’t that high, I was thinking if the mall were crowded with people, here perhaps they are full of people too. However, it wasn’t as I expected it would be.

Yet I was happy I could find foods that I wanted for takeaways and lip tints sold there.


Last Day of 2021

We had a long walk yesterday. We wanted to take our daughter, Faatihah out just to breathe some fresh air and release some tension.

Made YouTube Shorts for the first time.

We didn’t go outdoors for almost a week. Faatihah kept on whining and I could see she was bored out of her mind. Glad we did that yesterday. She enjoyed every moment of it, especially when we bring her to play the seesaw we found in Servette residential area and the big playground at Park Trembley.

Last day of 2021 mizarwen

Cool yet sunny weather allowed her to be so carefree.

This was the first time we let her walk freely most of the time just because I felt more secure with the surroundings. I also felt a little bit more relaxed.

The good thing as well from the long walk we did yesterday, I could also burn calories. Perhaps, I need to get back on track; walking every day as I did two months ago. I feel so sluggish each day. So the beginning of the year 2022, I need to change this and make daily walks or workouts a habit. So who’s with me? No one? Okay XD

Happy New Year 2022 guys!