February Holiday Trips & Train Ride

School holiday nearly came to an end, I had to admit I’m also nervous that tomorrow my daughter has to go to school again – meaning that again, I will hear the not-so-little-anymore whines and cries of how she doesn’t like to wake up early in the morning and go to school.

Why so hard you look at the camera, my dear?

I felt sorry many times she has to go through this. In her case (she’s Autistic and express her emotion with songs) I don’t know what things play in her head every time she set her feet in the school van leaving me and my husband off to school, but I pray so hard that she could brace herself to face many challenges in school just like every other special kid in her class.

An orange box that checks your pass before getting on the train.

It’s good that there’s a holiday. She can get a break from her anxiety. And I’m grateful for this week the holiday as well spent. We went two times on train rides – it was the first time the three of us go on a trip by train further than Versoix. I love to see how my daughter enjoyed the time so much. At least she could forget her worries, although for a short while. It’s nice to see her smile during the trip to Zurich and Bern.

Zurich Trip

We went to Zurich on Tuesday. The journey took about 2hrs and a half by train. It was our first experience going on the trip using a train. It’s a one-day pass that costs CHF49 per person. The weather forecast said that it’s going to be raining the entire week. So thankful that day Zurich was sunny. Oh, how I regret wearing my winter jacket🙄

We were planning to go to the Toy Museum first. I don’t know why, but when we got there the place wasn’t there as my husband saw on the internet. So our first itinerary didn’t go as planned so we had to think about what to do next. We did purchase a one-day pass which costs CHF8.80 per person (depends on the zone). My daughter is free because she has an annual student public transport pass which can be used the whole place in Switzerland.

Few of the pictures I took.

So the next itinerary was to let her enjoy the ride on the bus. I don’t know what is so fascinating about it, but she likes sitting a long time in it, near the window, gazing outside, and only sometimes her stimming catches the attention of the people. So we let her while I observed the surroundings. The bus designs, of course, are different than in Geneva. I can say more open with so many big glass windows while in Geneva it is more covered. Although I went to Zurich a couple of times, I had never been on the bus longer than that day. For the sake of our daughter, we went farther and changed many different buses and trams for the sake of her. The amount of love we give to her how I wish she knows that *sigh*

Anyway, back to the trip, after pulling and dragging my daughter who refused to get off of the bus, we had to carry her out of the transportation and had a quick lunch. I had to change her diapers twice. She is still in potty training, but during the trips, it’s exceptional. After that, we went to the Old Town.

The place is worth visiting. It reminds me of the maze of Venice. They still utilized the old building for shops which drove more people to that place. So much different than in Brunei. They go only to work or dealing just for important matters like banks, insurance agencies, and government administrations. If there’s no event, people won’t likely visit the city, even though Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital. So seeing how different it was, I was amazed by that.

I could feel the weather was getting colder when it was already late afternoon, but that didn’t kill her excitement. What got her all excited?

The flock of squawking seagulls.

It was also the first time I witnessed this. It took me a while to realize the cause of it – they were just fighting for the bread crumbs. They can be hangry too; not just human. Lol.

We departed from Zurich around 5pm-ish. I realized during the journey she covered her ears when we passed the tunnel and tried to pop her ears by pressing them with her both hands when we left the tunnel. Hubby said it was because of the pressure. She seemed to hate it and the only thing I did to ease her discomfort was to ask her to drink something just like we always do when we travel in an airplane. I didn’t know if that helps, though.

My Sleeping Princess

The next trip story will be on the next blog and I’ll update you guys when the vlog is uploaded. Happy Sunday guys.

How To Have The Best Winter Day

Winter is one of the best times to enjoy the fantastic weather and snow. There are endless activities you can indulge in in winter that can make the time magical. So, if you are looking to make the most out of your winter day this season, you are in the right place. 

Here is everything you must know about having the best winter day. 

1. Start Your Day With A Hydrating Beauty Routine 

Many people forget that the key to having a great winter day is a fantastic skincare routine. The winter air is dry, and many of us wake up with dry and patchy skin. Because of this, you must always start your day by doing a hydrating beauty routine. 

Exfoliate your face, use a cleanser, and then moisturize it. Be sure to use a moisturizer on your body to give all your skin the same amount of love. It will help you throughout the day as you will not have to worry about dry skin when you go out. 

2. Move Your Body 

After you are done with your beauty routine, you can move your body to warm it up. Run on a treadmill if you have one in your home or go for a jog outside. It will help with blood circulation and keep your body warm all day even on the worst winter day. 

You can run for as long as you like, but do it for a minimum of fifteen minutes. Once your skin and body are taken care of, it is time to engage in fun winter activities to have the best day. 

3. Go Ice Skating or skiing

The Winter season means that you will have many local ice skating rinks in your area. Take advantage of them and go with your friends or significant other. It is one of the best winter activities that offer a lot of fun and bonding. 

Ice skating will also help you warm up your body again as it is exerting despite the ice. You can also learn ice skating as a new skill during the winter months. 

My last year winter activity was going on a trip to see the beautiful mountain near Gstaad, Switzerland. I’ve read that it is known for its ski and cross-country slopes and winter hiking trails.

How To Have The Best Winter Day
How To Have The Best Winter Day

Check out my vlog trip below.

4. Bake Cookies 

The best part about baking cookies is that you will have something warm to eat, and your home will smell fantastic. It is one of the best winter activities to do with your kids on a long snow day if you are a mother. It will keep the little ones busy, and you will bond on another level. 

Of course, if you have friends coming over, you can bake cookies for them too and make some hot chocolate. The Winter season is all about foods that warm not just the stomach but also the heart. 

These are the top four ways you can have the best winter day. Be sure to indulge in these activities and make the most of this winter season. Don’t forget to do your beauty routine to show some love to your skin so it can stay supple all winter.


One word is already enough to create the buzz amongst Bruneian. Yes, the other district in Brunei Darussalam that famous for its beautiful reserved tropical rainforest and its popular Malay local foods: Wajid Jawa, Cendol Temburong and last but not least, their local giant freshwater prawn or what we called it Udang Galah.

Wajid Jawa (source: here)
Udang Galah (source: here)
Cendol Temburong (Source: the Bruneian)

Since the Temburong bridge is open until 10 pm it is accessible for the people to be able to go there and I feel so grateful I could experience passing the 22km long bridge which takes about 20 minutes to go to the other side when my family kind of ‘stranded’ in our own country in the midst of this pandemic.

Temburong bridge
On the way to Temburong.

I almost forgot the new craze menu the Temburong people manage to create from Udang Galah–it’s the Burger Udang Galah. If you don’t mind waiting in queue for hours just to get this burger, for BND3 it is worth to try once in your life.

Burger Temburong Burger Udang Galah
Burger Udang Galah

I also have the chance to see some improvement done by the government for the place especially at the public areas like this one image below.

Temburong beautiful pillars
Unique designed light pillars that awed me.

It isn’t officially opened to the public yet. However, I am excited about what else they want to do with this place in the coming few weeks. What I know at the moment phase 2 is under construction. Phase 2 is building a waterfront. I can’t wait to see it. Although we can’t go to Miri or Limbang– two of Malaysia’s small towns that close to Brunei’s border due to the Covid-19 restrictions, at least we get to see a new place inside our country that worth for a visit.