Won A Giveaway

I never thought of winning something but since someone tagged me in Instagram about this local beverage shop’s tag and win thing so I tagged again my friends and my hubby and just this Tuesday I read my IG message the shop chose me amongst the 10 winners. I felt so lucky!

I won two vouchers: free Signature Kurma drink and 50% off if you purchase the same drink. Brew9 is a new shop. So I guess this is just their marketing strategy to introduce the shop to all.

Brew9 Instagram giveaway
Brew9 Signature Kurma drink foods Brunei foods
Signature Kurma with real coffee and jelly

So yesterday I came to Brew9 shop to get my free drink. The taste was not overly sweet. I could taste the blended coffee and dates. Even though there were jellies in it, it didn’t taste weird. Also, I am very surprised that coffee and dates do go well together. Cool combo.

The shop has an app if you want to make your order and delivery too. It’s a must I guess since we are still not free from the pandemic. But just a few days ago Brunei had announced that local premises is open to the customer to dine in(with maximum 30 persons and still maintain social distancing), many people came to order their drinks.

The shop’s ambience

They have other drinks that I feel like I want to try. However, they aren’t cheap. Lol. Perhaps, when payday comes I would try their juice and the macarons.

Brew9’s location: Ground floor, The Walk, Beribi, Gadong

Brew9 Instagram https://instagram.com/brew9.bn?igshid=1cecfm9xfogox

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World of Creativeness

I should have started to try this platform 4 years ago when things still new. Now when I came back to have a look at it it has already evolved into one of the famous platforms where many webcomics creators chose to upload their stories for the pleasure of us to read.

These days I have time to proceed with what I already began–to publish my comic online. However, as I mentioned it on my vlog, the story wouldn’t be the one that I drew that time. I realized it’ll take time to finish and since I missed doing a comic strip, I attempted to do it and voila it is now already in 3rd episodes at Webtoon.

Please read here and if you like what you have read, please subscribe, like, give some comment and share it. It means a world to me. Thank you for showing your support on my comic.