About me

The creator

Mummy. Wifey. Blogger. Freelance illustrator. Webtoonist.


I can add up all of the things I really am but that makes people think they are all irrelevant. So let’s just stick to these five main characters of who I am in general.


As a blogger/ real-life (just for fun) I’d like to be called Mizarwen. It stuck with me since I watched Lord of the Ring; I captivated by the beauty of Lady Arwen (portrayed by Liv Tyler). Then there’s my Webtoon and art Youtube channel’s – Mahiko Maru. I have to relive this name because I couldn’t simply build a new Instagram for my Webtoon that I recently created so I just use my old art Instagram account. It can gives the idea to the readers that I do create different art skill than the one I drew on Webtoon. Mizhyorin is just the name I use for one of my RPG characters. Miz is the watermark given to the art that I drew. And lastly, Mehz is my nickname as the role player.