First impression: Wanna Some Candy Lip Tint Balm MISSHA

I’m a woman that loves to wear light makeup. My recently go-to makeup is just my Maybelline Superstay Lip Matte, primer and compact powder from the same brand. That’s it. These are the things I applied to cover my flaws and to make myself a little decent whenever I go out. Simple? You can say that. I don’t like wearing heavy makeup. The only time that I have to wear the heaviest is when there’s a wedding function to attend or during Eid festive.

However, I just don’t stick to one product. Unless they make me look super cute XD Especially, the lip wear; I like to try new things. If I see the color suits me, I won’t think twice to buy it. I’d give a bonus point if the colour stays longer and won’t dry out my lips. Hence, I bought some product to try. See my previous purchased here.

So on today’s post I’d like to review my first impression on Wanna Some Candy Lip Tint Balm #Guava from MISSHA. They have 5 colors to choose from:

01 Good morning apple – vivid red color + sweet apple scent 
02 Berry awesome – MLBB rose color + sweet strawberry scent 
03 How guava – trendy pink color + energetic guava scent 
04 Orange – hot orange color + sweet citrus scent 
05 Don’t peach me – romantic coral color + sweet peach scent

Product description:

  • Fruit tint balm sweet like a candy with soft melting 
  • Glass shine reflecting on mirror for glossy lips look.
  • One touch gives full color evenly on the lips
  • Cupuasu seed butter, mango seed butter, hyaluronic acid gives dry lips moisture like a lip balm. 
  • Fruity scent fruit tint balm

For the colour, I chose Guava, just because it looks natural to me; not too vibrant, not too nude. So from the first impression when I opened the plastic package, I realize the name doesn’t matches with the one from the advert. Instead of How Guava, the cap says Guava. For a minute, I was confused with what I see. I mean, it could’ve been could be from a different collection or the seller gave me the wrong order. But I went with my good intuition that maybe Guava is also called How Guava.

Then when opened the lip balm’s cap, I’m surprised to see lip balm’s hexagonal tip. I don’t remember if I possessed any lip wear that has a tip like this let alone from basic wear like a lip balm. I feel so fancy 🙂

The look outside and inside.

However, that’s early for me to judge. I still need to try it on my lips. The advert says that I could try the gradiation technique. Since I look ugly (look like a fat zombie if I try that technique) I skipped it and fully applied it on my lips. It glides nicely and evenly. The color as you can see here are so pretty and vivid. I look lively and fresh. I noticed it creates a glassy look on my lips which the look is still new to me and I could whiff a little hint of guava scent when I wore it.

Dang~that lips XD

Also, the nice thing about this lip balm, I guess because it’s a balm (duh), my lips still feel moist even after I wiped it off. I always hate the feeling of chappy dry lips after wiping off any lipstick but with this one I didn’t experience it once.

Any cons? It’s not long-lasting. It tinted your lips but it won’t stain your lips after a few hours, not even an hour. It is also transferable and for the price, BND15 is a little pricy. I just like the colour!

I only recommend this lip balm if you only looking for a quick on-the-go wearing. It fits for everyday use. And I will choose this over any lip balm, still. Hehe.

So guys, what’s your everyday lip balm?

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