Geek Side: Family for HP fandom

I’m writing this in case someone is interested in creating a family member for my roleplay character, Merrick Lombard. I have a few plots for each of the family members, so if you are interested in making one hit to this site and register your character. I am only looking for serious takers.

A little bit of history of Merrick…


Witch forest, that’s pretty much what the witches and the wizards in the town called to Merrick’s family. Despite the town people laugh at this poor family, Reynold and Thatcher Lombard (both former Herbologist) are pretty much content with how they live. They raised their children: Jadis, Tiffany, Sophie, Raine and Merrick in the secluded area thinking no harm and bad influence would come upon their children.

During the rise of Mortenero (2005-2013), the family lost one of their family member–The death of their father (2009) who had been killed during the Montenero fight–bad luck when he was in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Well, that was what they were hoping but their children have their mind especially Merrick who is the curious little fella of all. When Merrick turned eleven, he got accepted into Hogwarts. Like all of his sisters, Merrick was sorted into Hufflepuff House. He didn’t question nor felt surprised about it since he came from a long line of family history of Hufflepuffs.

In school, he achieved a good grade in Herbology, yet he struggles much on the others especially Transfigurations. He was thirteen when he was asked to join the Quidditch for his House as he has the talent to be a good Keeper. His dreams is to be a Pro-Quidditch player so two thirds of his conversation are all about Quidditch which sometime bored his girlfriend. He’s a little controlling and naive when it comes to be in relationship.

That’s a little background of Merrick and the family… So I’m looking for…