Extended Holiday

Now we don’t encourage parents to do this, but since Mr. Hubby only had his off day after the Easter school holiday and the Muslim month of celebration, Eid’Ul Fitri three days happened right after the holiday, we informed the school that my daughter wouldn’t go to school for that three days. I don’t know if she understood it but she was looking so happy when we woke up a little bit late than usual (Her school alarm is always set off at 7 am)

April 24th, 2023

Mizarwen train ride
Train ride to the unplanned destination.

So we figured since my autistic daughter likes to stay so long on the train ride, we decided to spend most of this day on the train and hop on and off to three different stops Bern, Basel, and Zurich train stations just to stretch our legs. She wasn’t pleased we got off the ride. But it has to be done. If not, our old legs and bum would be numb from sitting too long. Lol.

April 25th, 2023

The initial plan was to get the rest of my daughter Fruitea’s favorite drink from this shop where we ordered and thought they already had it in hand. Unfortunately, when we arrived at Pasar Indonesia, Mohlin they said they ordered just a few days ago when we had been waiting for beverages for months. We weren’t that disappointed despite the three hours ride to find this place. We felt grateful that some of the things we couldn’t get anywhere else in Geneva, they have them at the shop.

mizarwen pasar Indonesia Mohlin

The shop was situated in an isolated place, but the GPS never failed us.

We were greeted by 2 friendly middle-aged women. There are rows of food racks on the left side of the store and other non-food sections on the right side when you walk into the shop. I was pleased to find Belinjo in the snack area. Bruneians called it Tangang. It would be nice if, after you fry them, you mix them with butter and honey like this recipe. A great snack to nibble while watching your favorite K-drama overnight. Lol.

Mizarwen interior and snacks from Pasar Indonesia

Our next stop was the PUMA outlet, Oensingen. Unfortunately, we have not found the Spongebob edition. They provide just a tiny corner of the section. How can that be? We expected much from a place this big. Hmph.

Our last trip of the day was to have our bellies full at IKEA, Lyssach. The furniture mall was not as crowded as in Geneva so it was a pleasant, peaceful late lunch.

Mizarwen lunch at IKEA, Lyssach

April 26th, 2023

The search for my daughter’s PUMA sneakers continued today. We went to the other design factory, Fish Fashion in Schonwerd. A really confusing route to get there. Even though Mr. Hubby was here twice, he wasn’t sure 😀

Shopping design outlet Fish Fashion Switzerland mizarwen

Yet, we couldn’t find the sneaker. Our bellies were groaning by the time we ended the long search. So we concluded this trip by getting our lunch at Singapore Restaurant in Zurich. I guess this is only a halal Malay restaurant. If you ever come here I recommend you the Laksa. It’s delicious!

Mizarwen lunch at Singapore Restaurant Zurich