Productive Ramadhan

As a matter of fact, that happened long before Ramadhan this year. I felt so motivated to try new recipes of Brunei traditional cakes (kuih) because my main goal is if I succeed in baking them perfectly Id open a food business when I return to Brunei for good in the future.

I was completely hard core trying to do it every week during this year’s Ramadhan. The recipe wasn’t my recipe, I found it on YouTube. These traditional cakes I made last month were…

Made by moi

The Beginning…

One of the kuih that attracted a lot of attention was Serimuka. I’m not sure why. It’s not my favorite. I only chose to do it because my husband really wanted to eat so as a good wife *cough, cough I baked it, and to my surprise on the first attempt it baked nicely. There were so many leftovers that we decided to give them to his colleagues. From there, orders continued to come and my last order (hopefully not the last) was for the open house celebration of Hari Raya at the residence of the Brunei ambassador.

I know I’m still yet to learn more about baking, but I can pick which kuih should I sell when I’m ready to come back home.

The Price

The only thing I feel so difficult at this time is the cost of purchasing the ingredients is not as cheap as when you live in Switzerland. For example, 1kg of flour here is about CHF2.10 but in Brunei, 1kg is only BND1.55 which is converting CHF0.68 only. And there are ingredients that can’t be found, or maybe I don’t know what the packaging looks like here. Many of the baking needs gula apong/gula anau/gula Nipah because the texture is still soft and liquidy when adding this into the mix so when it bakes it’ll not harden the kuih. This is the opposite result when you only use palm sugar, although they said you can replace the gula anau with it. I think only the professional is capable of deciphering the code here. Lol. I’m still starting out, so I need to learn more and more.

  • Serimuka/Bingka Pandan/Bingka Ubi – $1.50 / 5 pieces
  • Pinyaram/Ondeh Ondeh/Puteri Mandi – $1.00 / 5 pieces

Oh, those who are curious to know how much the price of kuih sell in Brunei, here I give you the list of general prices for your information.

They typically sell them in disposable clear plastic containers such as this one.

I hope there are more kuih or non-traditional cakes I could bake next time. I plan on making Mini Chicken Quiche, Raya biscuits, Kosui, and Puding Suji. Yes, there are many of them. Lol. I hope that happens as I hope.

What are your favorite Hari Raya cakes or biscuits?

Spring, Ramadhan and updates

Hello, lovelies!

I apologize for not giving you any updates about life, uh, not that anyone would even care, but I guess seeing this site still exists and the plan still running I feel obliged to write something.

Chirp! Chirp!

Spring’s here. Yet I’m not ready yet to let go of my sweater (or my winter jacket). The crispness of the cold air still embraced me and the warmth of the sun crept only for a few days last week. So sometimes I get confused:D Do you feel the same as I do?

Ramadhan Mubarak

Image to show I baked something for my blog

Despite the strange weather transition, my family and I are fortunate that we do not have to fast Ramadhan in the summer as in previous years. At least we didn’t feel that thirsty and agitated since the weather is still cold. The sungkai (as Bruneians said when they break the fast) time is not as long as during the summertime when we have to wait until 10+pm to break the fast. 8+pm is nonetheless doable.

I have so many plans for food that I want to cook for Sungkai. It’s the only time when I feel the motivation to cook and try new recipes is at its highest. I didn’t even feel embarrassed if the attempt failed in front of my mother-in-law. Lol.

The Lost

Sad it ever happened. This is the answer to my hiatus that happened last August. I couldn’t constantly produce many stickers every month since then because my father passed away and we had to go back to Brunei the next day after we heard the news. My brain could not function properly at that time and I felt so unproductive. The loss was so sudden as to truly open our eyes. And since my mother-in-law only had him in her life and now he’s gone, we are the one who needs to take care of her. We brought her to live with us in Geneva. Hence, why I mentioned her earlier.

The Online Shop

I don’t want to give up yet selling my stickers on Etsy. I said six months, that’s the only time I put this up for trial. If there aren’t any sales, I’ll close the shop. Then six months went by, and STILL no sales. I have no idea what I did wrong. Is it because my stickers are not cute enough? Are they expensive? Or I didn’t do a lot of promotion?

Those of you who have the answer, please give me some advice and I allow you to criticize my shop so I can make a few improvements. Check my Etsy here and please leave a few reviews here. That makes me happy.


I have talked about it many times and I have postponed the release many times. Those who have been waiting for so long that I publish my webcomic on Webtoon, I truly apologized. The process took longer than I thought and only in the first month of this year I was back on the job. I now safely say that it is left for the proofreader aka my husband to check the comic before I posted it on Webtoon. So stay tuned guys for the update😉

Happy Spring and Ramadhan Mubarak to all, wish you all a happy, safe, and blessed Ramadhan❤️