Review: Peripera Ink Velvet AD

So it’s date night. 
What do you hope will last until the very end of the night? 

 For me, it’s my lipstick.

I’m very conscious whether it still on my lips. I don’t know if you have a habit to Go to the restroom and pretend that you take a leak but actually you want to touch up your makeup and fix everything especially your fading lipstick. I sometimes do that. Heck, I’ve been doing it even though I have a date with my husband. I still want to look decent in front of him because it’s a special night and we didn’t do this very often. Well, from what I remember this is the first time of our 5 years marriage, I felt at ease; not thinking too much about my daughter and stress-free while dining out with my husband. I was thankful that my mother-in-law gave us a chance to have our special night while she looked after my daughter. So yes, I put that aside from my mind for a few hours and spent the moment with my husband. 

I had a great dinner last Sunday night and this happened.

mizarwen and husband date night
Our date night 28.06.20

My lipstick was gone. One of the pet peeves that always happened to me; maybe to all of you that’s not applying a long-lasting lipstick. 

I wanted to do fix this photo with my very handy app, Makeup Plus but what stopped me from that was there was a question popped into my head at that time ”wheres the originality of the day you cherished if you tweak this picture?

I sighed many times looking at this picture and reminded myself that I will use my other lip tint I bought the other day. 

It’s Peripera Ink Velvet AD.

Peripera Ink Velvet AD review close up

Product description

  • Clear and rich color
  • Soft silky velvet lips finish 
  • Strong lasting ink.

Behind the story

Back in November last year, I was into watching mukbang on Youtube and I was stumbled into this one Korean lady that eats a lot. She has this lipstick that won’t fade whenever she eats. It made me want to buy that kind of lipstick and how desperate I was at that time? I private messaged her on Instagram. It took me like a month or so to get a reply from her. It’s this lip tint and I straight away ordered it.

Yeosu Unnie fan mukbang
Yeosu Unnie, the mukbanger


Package quality

It came with a box. At first when I saw this cute tiny bottle I thought does it has a dropper like all the serums have or it is just made like that? I mean, if the applicator is like a dropper I couldn’t imagine how I use this lip tint if I bought it. So I read its info and found out that the applicator looks like any lip tint applicator that I had before. You need to twist the dropper-like-cap to open it and I appreciate that the tiny bottle is made of glass.

Peripera Ink Velvet AD brush applictor
Peripera Ink Velvet AD Sparkling Pink swatches
The swatch. Love the color!


When I applied this on my lips, I could feel the texture a little thick but wasn’t too thick that it wouldn’t glide on the lips. I could smell the cherry scent and it didn’t overwhelm me so that’s a plus point.

The color? It made me gasp when I first dabbed it on my lips. It looks crayon-y and I was afraid that it’d turned out neon-y when I wear it. However, as I smacked my lips to make the tint spread evenly, I was surprised that the shade looks natural and immediately fall in love with the color.

Peripera Ink Velvet AD on Mizarwen's lips

How lasted it gets? I’m impressed with it but not too overly impressed. I think it depends on how you wear this lip tint. I’m sure the color would survives through the night maybe a little wear off, if you apply it fully. I like to apply at the center of lips, smack it, dabs again on the center of my lips and spread it to make it a gradations effect and look natural. Although I applied like that, I could see the tint was still there.

It gave me a matte finished and if you read my last review on other product, you already know that I have dry lips. This tint didn’t make my lips so dry after the wear. I could see the tint went into my lips creases but when you eat your food (perhaps, the meal I had last Monday was greasy)you wouldn’t see the creases effect after that. It isn’t too big deal since it isn’t that visible when you are standing in front of me. So that’s another plus point I gave to the product. 

Product’s rate? 3.5/5

Would I purchase it? 

Yes. This line came with 10 colors and I chose Sparkling Pink #09. It seems like this is the only pink color I see in the advert. I’m hoping that they have many shades of pink in this line. So next time, I would purchase another color in red just because of the performance and the color is so amazing. I’d like to display this on my vanity table and have fun playing with the colors 🙂