All The Way From Brunei

This is a long-due post which supposedly posted last 2 months.  Unlike an ordinary day,  I received a parcel that came from my country,  Brunei. It was a parcel that contains cute stationery,  a gift from my old blogger friend, Aznur. 

I’m super excited to receive them even though a few of them were secondhand. She said it would be wasted for her to throw them away so she gifted them to me. I was kinda feel guilty although it wasn’t me who really want this (but still feeling excited) I wouldn’t make her send anything to Switzerland because the shipping as big as this parcel may cost her over 50bnd. 50bnd is like the price of eating sushi for 2 persons in Brunei, you know. How can I repay such generosity? I used to be a traditional bullet journaler but I migrated myself to digital and I’ve been using this method for 3 years already so I think I already know what to send to her back. It’s been in my mind long before she sent this to me.

But, I guess I keep that a secret for now. Hehe.